Billy Goat’s Gin – How to Drink?

Billy Goat’s Gin – How to Drink?
October 5, 2017 Gin Lane

Three billy goats tried to cross a river but a fierce troll under the bridge wouldn’t let them pass. The oldest goat, in all his wisdom, offered him some gin and, as fate would have it, the troll forgot about the goats. The goats crossed over to the lush pastures and settled down to drink good gin.

Great story from Saleyards, but the big question is how did the troll and goats choose to drink the gin?

We drop Billy Goat’s into the new world Australian gin basket. It’s ranking up there with Poor Toms as one of our favourite summer gins…and you know how much we love Poor Toms!

There’s nothing too heavy in this gin, the juniper takes a slight back seat to its immediate citrus forward notes. This is thanks to those quintessential Australian botanicals finger lime and lemon myrtle, with some ruby grapefruit thrown in for good measure.

Give it a second and some of the more floral botanicals come to the fore, with hints of rose and lavender. Let it sit a little longer and you may enjoy some pink peppercorn at the back of the palate.

In our imagining of the Saleyards story, we reckon the troll sat down to enjoy a martini under the bridge. Anything too much with this gin will take away from it’s delicate place on your tongue. Make your martini super dry and super chilled, top it off with a grapefruit peel twist for garnish.

The Billy Goat’s themselves? They were looking for a longer drink, to sit back and sip and cheers each other with. The goats definitely made our take on a gin mojito.

A generous 80ml of Billy Goat’s gin

30ml grapefruit juice

20ml lime juice

10ml sugar syrup

Wedge of ruby grapefruit

10 mint leaves

Grab a tall glass, clap the mint leaves in your hands and drop into the glass. Pour over the gin, grapefruit juice, lime juice and sugar syrup. Add plenty of ice and give the drink a generous stir. Top off with a dash of soda water and a grapefruit wedge, then sit back and enjoy.



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