Antipodes Gin – How to Drink?

Antipodes Gin – How to Drink?
February 7, 2017 Gin Lane

This was a fascinating gin for us to drink and definitely stands apart from most.

Growing up in Mildura and the ‘Sunraysia’ citrus belt of Australia, Shane and Rory knew they wanted to make a gin that included orange and lemon peel and oils. For us this is one of the first things you notice on both nose and palate. The peel is distinctly different from the citrus you get from say Four Pillars, who use whole oranges in their distillation.

Depending on how shaken your bottle arrived from our courier, you may notice what look to be little bits floating in your Antipodes. If you guessed that given this is an organic gin, Antipodes wouldn’t be applying any filtering processes, you’re spot on.

As with Poltergeist last month, we love a great unfiltered gin. The fullness of flavour and mouth feel is too enticing and we often find ourselves drawn to these gins. The floating elements are the natural oils in the gin coming together as it sits for a period of time. Our suggestion is to give the bottle a good shake before pouring and watch them melt back into the gin.

One of the other key botanicals we have to mention here, is the Tasmanian pepper berry. Hopefully if you received the Poltergeist in December, you’ll see a common feel here that comes across both gins. There is something about the warmth and mouth feel that comes from pepper berry that brings all of the other botanicals together. Shane and Rory spent a great deal of time finding just the right pepper berry for Antipodes and we’re pretty sure they nailed it.

Don’t hesitate to get into this one neat. The guys at Antipodes definitely wanted to create a gin that would suit this, as well as in a G&T. This is a reasonably sweet gin already, so definitely steer towards a good dry tonic, or even soda water as a mixer. Our preference is for a lime peel garnish, but you can go with orange peel also.

Most of all enjoy this summery gin and beat the heatwaves we seem unable to avoid this summer. Rest assured you’re doing your part by not contributing to them when you’re drinking Antipodes!


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