Abel Gin Quintessence – How to Drink?

Abel Gin Quintessence – How to Drink?
July 15, 2017 Gin Lane

Distiller Kim was seeking to create gins that had a sense of place, that could come only from Tasmania.

She also wanted to create two gins; one that was about brightness and refreshing, Essence, and one that was about richness and depth, Quintessence. Light and Dark, both try to express the different sides of Tasmania, and the different ways we drink gin.

As an aside, we have several friends from Tasmania who we gave these to try and it was a pleasure to watch this look of nostalgia pass across their faces when they smelled and drank the gins. If this isn’t a testament to their success in achieving this goal, we don’t know what is.

Quintessence is based on darker notes, Pepperberry and Kunzea, two defining botanics of the Tasmanian wilderness. Built around the classic gin botanicals of juniper and coriander, you should feel free to drink this with ice and a slice. Quintessence particularly will stand up in most tonics, so feel free to enjoy it with your preferred mixers.

If you love a great martini, you’ll love Quintessence. Serve it chilled with a bit of orange zest..heaven!


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